Author: davemh

DIY Animation Club co-founder Dave Merson Hess taught animation and developed curriculum for Aurora Picture Show's youth workshops, 2014-2018, including stints as a resident artist in the Arts in Medicine programs at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Texas Childrens' Hospital. He also started Rush Process, a Gulf Coast-based festival celebrating animators who work with physical media, which ran from 2015 to 2018. Dave is currently an MFA candidate in Experimental Animation at Calarts.

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Interested in animated storytelling? Read more comics and sequential art. At DIY Animation Club, we truly believe that there’s no reason to ever buy comics or graphic novels from megacorporate brick-and-mortar bookplexes, that one digital comics monopoly holder, nor their everything-store corporate overlords. We shop small and buy local. As a resident Glendalian, I’m going …

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