Animbingo Is Here

DIY Animation Club’s inaugural Animbingo jam is today, Feb 27, 2021, at 12pm Pacific / 2pm Central! If you’re playing with us, feel free to follow along on Twitter. Later tonight, we’ll celebrate our Animbingo success by watching the Malt Adult #19 stream on Channel 8 at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central. (If you’re reading this later, fear not. You can still play Animbingo alone.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Earn an Animbingo by responding to 5 prompts in 3 hours.
  2. Maximum work time per square is 25 minutes (you might want to set a timer).
  3. Between finishing one square and starting the next, you must take a 5 minute break.
  4. Make bingos in any direction! Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  5. When time has run out, share a thread of your bingo attempt.

Bonus challenge: Respond to every prompt you choose by working on an element in your existing current film (whether that’s a film for school, or a personal project you’d like to get unstuck).
Alternate bonus challenge: Make a very short, new film out of your prompts, with no outtakes allowed.

Words of encouragement:

  • Work fast and loose! No need to be careful or precise.
  • Recast all nervous energy as excitement. Art panic is good panic, baby!
  • You won’t have much time for any single prompt, so I’d recommend not using reference. Otherwise, half the time might pass before you begin drawing.
  • The goal here is quantity, not quality.
  • The time limits are important because they enable us to forget about style. Working rapidly with external pressure sidesteps our inner editor — the voice that makes value judgements about what we’re making — and leads us somewhere totally new!
  • The most ambitious or seemingly intimidating prompts may lead to the most compelling failures, the strangest visual solutions.
  • The point is to be an astronaut of creative fun. We will remove ourselves from normal life timespace and emotionspace for 3 hours. Our visit to the Animbingoverse will be brief. Let’s get drawing!

Get your board below.*

*I’m very sure you have some great ideas for brand new Animbingo prompts! I’d love it if you’d at me with them on Twitter. Ideally, at some point in the future, we’ll have several different possible boards, or maybe even a random board generator. Oh also — looking over this after the fact, I’m realizing that some of these require knowledge of animation terminology that could be confusing to the absolute beginner. As a beginner’s hack, let’s just saw that if you run into a prompt you don’t understand, feel free to grab a prompt from a different, discontinuous place on the board as you make your way to 5 prompts completed.

the animbingo board