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Making It Up As I Go Along: Phoebe Parsons on the “Terror Fervor” Process

Phoebe Parsons shares a studio tour, and walks us through the animation process for her wild cel-animated short, “Terror Fervor”. Read more

Cel Animation for the Digital Era

A crash course based on existing internet resources plus additional things I’ve learned in a year of experimenting with hand painting on cels. Read more

Modular Background Design

In which we borrow a classic technique from 2D level design, and put it to work in the context of a DIY animated short. Read more

$60 Multiplane Animation Rig IKEA Hack

Build your own multiplane animation rig for $60, from IKEA parts! Read more

Animbingo Is Here

A 3-hour long animation game that’s sure to shake ideas loose. Read more

Plog Your Way To Filmic Victory

Plan + log = plog. Set priorities and track progress on your current animation project. Read more

Robert Breer’s introduction to Byron Grush’s “The Shoestring Animator”

Robert Breer on getting started in animation, and working with index cards. Read more

Portable 10F lightbox with pegbar for $40

Make a portable (USB powered) 10F animation lightboard for animating on the go. Read more

Cut-Out Animation Basics: Persistence of Vision

The first installment of DIYAC’s kid-friendly cut-out stop-motion animation course. Read more

Cameraless Direct Animation: A Paper-Based Approach

A cheap and easy approach to teaching cameraless direct animation for the post-celluloid era. Read more

The One-Page Zine As Brainstorming Tool

Make a tiny zine as a project development exercise. Read more