DIY Animation Club’s real-world meet-up was an animation jam and instruction event focused on low-budget hand-drawn and cutout animation techniques, and meant to foster friendship and collaboration amongst artists, writers and performers in Houston, TX. It ran from late 2015 through early 2018.

We met for scribbling sessions at various coffeeshops in the Montrose and Heights areas of town, and no prior experience with animation was necessary to be a part.

We also did a talk at Zine Fest Houston, taught a workshop series at The CoWork Lab, made a zine for Rush Process Fest, and collaborated with Rush Process and Aurora Picture Show on Gif Relief, a series of free, post-Hurricane Harvey gif-making workshops.

In 2020, we teamed up with Mostly Moving magazine for Shelter in Place Jam. Currently, Dave is transcribing audio interviews from the archives, as well as digitizing content from our physical zines.

“It was easy it was cheap — go and do it!”

Desperate Bicycles, “The Medium Was Tedium”
Refill Records, July 1977

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