The Night I Lost My Favorite Jacket

“The Night I Lost My Favorite Jacket” is a new short by Dallas-based animator Jenna Krumerman, with title music by Gabriella Cohen. Why do we love it? It’s a personal story, told with strong comedic timing, and drawn and painted completely by hand. Listen: if there’s anything we’ll never tire of in the DIY Animation Clubhouse, it’s ethereal watercolor textures, as they flicker dreamily at 12 frames per second. We would never wish for anyone to lose their favorite jacket, nor puke at a stranger’s house, but it’s pretty rad that — in this particular case — a DIY short of this quality was the end result. — The Editors

“The date was Saturday, September 30. But now I call it ‘the night I lost my favorite jacket.’


The Making of “The Night I Lost My Favorite Jacket”

by Jenna Krumerman

I made “The Night I Lost My Jacket” because something happened that I really wanted to talk about but I didn’t know how to, so I figured making a film would be the best way to get my feelings out. It was a really meditative process. I made the film entirely with pegboard animation, meaning I hand drew and painted every frame.

I started with one image for each scene, then I used a light board to trace the image and make little changes to show movement. The whole film was made on 8.5″ by 11″ printer paper, using a pen and watercolors. After I drew all the pages, I took a photo of each one and put them together with dragon frame. I stopped counting how many pages I drew but if I had to guess I’d say it’s roughly a thousand (the film is set at about 8 frames per second, and is 3 mins 42 seconds long, but some frames repeat).

After putting all the images together I added the sounds — this part was so fun. The music I added during the title frames is by [Australian singer-songwriter] Gabriella Cohen. I’ve seen her in concert when she came to Dallas and had conversations with her via Instagram DMs. She rocks for letting me use her song!

The biggest challenge I faced was the stamina I had to keep up. I completed this project in about two months. For those two months, I worked about 3 hours a day, and then in the final week before the deadline (I was aiming to complete before the South by Southwest deadline), I worked on it pretty much the entire day. Now, I loved this schedule — doing what I love all day felt great — but the problem is that I am a high schooler! In these two months of focusing on my film I failed a government test and lost a lot of sleep and missed a bit of my classes. I say it was worth it. After finishing the film I studied government more and am not failing any classes as of now!

TNILMYFJ was accepted to screen at SXSW 2018. Congratulations on a huge achievement! To keep up with Jenna as she makes new work, follow her on Vimeo.

Jenna Krumerman

Jenna Krumerman

Jenna is an independent animator based in Dallas, TX.
Jenna Krumerman

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