All of the zero-budget animated micro projects below were produced over the past year during various DIY Animation Club meetups and workshops, some in collaboration with Rush Process and Beta Theater.

Rush Process Paper Creature Pop-Up

A weekend-long, drop-in character design and stop-motion animation workshop. Read more

Dr. Bing-Bong, World’s “Best” Mindreader

An intimate look into the mind-reading methods of the notorious Dr. Bing-Bong. Read more


A brief history of the Ampersand. Read more

Satanic Baptism

Unsuspecting humans attempt a peaceful picnic on the banks of a remote bayou. Read more

“Mysterious Orbs”

Berkeley, California. 1987. A childhood Easter egg hunt goes horribly wrong. Read more

Support Group

Tom seeks solace in his first support group meeting in quite a while. But will the group be supportive of his recent life choices? Read more

“Rat Tail”

A mother’s haircut has embarrassing consequences for a young Southern girl. Read more

“Work” Is A Four-Letter Word

The phone is ringing endlessly. Welcome to the working week. Read more

“Doom Potato”

A terrifying vegetable-based stop-motion micro horror film set on a kitchen countertop. Read more