Author: Dave Merson Hess

Dave has worked in independent animation as a director and composer. He's taught workshops and/or developed curriculum for film-arts non-profit Aurora Picture Show, Rush Process Fest, DIY Animation Club, Zine Fest Houston, comedy incubator BETA Theater, Houston Independent School District, and the arts-in-medicine programs at Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The One-Page Zine As Brainstorming Tool

Earlier this year, I went to a Zine Fest Houston workshop where we learned to make a one-page zine out of a single sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Since then, I’ve incorporated these tiny zines into my development process for all animation projects.

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Watch “Mannequin”, a hand-painted animated short by Pete Burkeet, then read an interview with the artist.

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“Stilton’s In Charge”

Watch our first-ever Screening Room selection, a short film by Jonni Phillips and Victoria Vincent, made with sharpies, construction paper, and a 10-year-old webcam. Then, read an interview with the makers.

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