Animation Workshops

DIY Animation Club’s in-person workshops enable beginning to intermediate animators to write and produce their own original short films using physical media, smartphones, and our Dragonframe rig. We also do remote project coaching for intermediate to advanced 2D and cutout animators, in the form of weekly meetings on Hangouts or Skype.


DIY Animation Club’s teaching team has collectively guided over 100 DIY and student shorts across the finish line. Dave and Ceci have backgrounds in animation, design, filmmaking, and still photography, and are on the teaching rosters of respected media Houston-area arts nonprofits, including Aurora Picture Show and Houston Center for Photography.

Dave Merson Hess

Dave has worked in independent animation as a producer, director, animator, and composer. As a media arts educator, he’s taught workshops and/or developed curriculum for film-arts non-profit Aurora Picture Show, Rush Process Fest, DIY Animation Club, Zine Fest Houston, comedy incubator BETA Theater, Houston Independent School District, and the arts-in-medicine programs at Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Cecilia Norman

Ceci teaches for DIY Animation Club, Aurora Picture Show and Houston Center for Photography. With residencies involving Texas Children’s Hospital, Culture of Health Advancing Together (CHAT), Be the Peace Be the Hope, she focuses on using creativity to inspire and use visual language to heal and more important have lots of fun telling their own stories. When not teaching, Ceci creates documentarties, experimental films, drinks tea, and on rare occasions, sleeps.

Flora Larrabee

DIY Animation Club co-founder Flora Larrabee is a designer, animator and art historian. She seeks spontaneity in design and draws inspiration for projects from doodles, cultural artifacts and direct collaboration. Flora is currently working on hand-drawn logo design for various freelance clients, and in the art department at Gulf Coast animation studio, Night Heron. She also owns Houston-based cotton candy company, Poodlefloss.