Simplified Walk Cycles for the Stick Figure Artist

I came up with this animation walk cycle when Aurora Picture Show’s Media Arts Education Manager, Camilo Gonzalez, asked me to demonstrate basic animation walk cycles on-the-spot to three elementary-age, first-time animators working on a dry-erase board-based project. Unlike most cycles found in beginning animation texts, this one is just four drawings*, and is easy to reproduce for virtually anyone, regardless of animation experience or drawing skill-level.

*Yes, it doesn’t include arm movements, and it’s technically a half cycle — just one leg steps. Since we’re dealing with stick figures, the legs are collapsed into a single plane and perspective can be ignored. The focus here is immediacy and confidence-building, not technical perfection.



Dave Merson Hess

Dave Merson Hess

Dave has worked in independent animation as a producer, director, and composer. He is the Programming Director for Rush Process. Since 2013, he has taught workshops in DIY animation production via BETA Theater, Aurora Picture Show, and DIY Animation Club.
Dave Merson Hess

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