Multiplane Animation Rig IKEA Build

Build A Multiplane Animation Rig from IKEA Parts for Just $60

I spent hours at IKEA over the holidays trying to find an existing piece of furniture that could be easily modded to serve as a multiplane animation stand. A few trips in, I figured it out.

To make your very own multiplane animation rig from IKEA parts, you’ll need:

Use product codes to order online, then specify your local store for pickup. Total cost w/4 glass planes: ~$60 incl. tax. Assemble it according to the package instructions, but leave off the top and back. 12F-friendly 22” x 14” work area. No camera mount — just place it under a tripod aimed down, or on top of any copy stand/downshooter. Use your light box / board as a bottom light. For lighting from the top / sides use IKEA clip-on gooseneck lamps ($20 each), cheap hardware store work lights, thrift store desk lamps (anything directional, with a neck), whatever fits your budget. Go make something!


Dave Merson Hess

Dave Merson Hess

Dave has worked in independent animation as a director and composer. He's taught workshops and/or developed curriculum for film-arts non-profit Aurora Picture Show, Rush Process Fest, DIY Animation Club, Zine Fest Houston, comedy incubator BETA Theater, Houston Independent School District, and the arts-in-medicine programs at Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Dave Merson Hess

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