Author: Dave Merson Hess

Dave has worked in independent animation as a producer, director, and composer. He is the Programming Director for Rush Process. Since 2013, he has taught workshops in DIY animation production via BETA Theater, Aurora Picture Show, and DIY Animation Club.


Watch “Mannequin”, a hand-painted animated short by Pete Burkeet, then read an interview with the artist.

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Kiernan Sjursen-Lien’s “Saxon” Kickstarter

We talk to independent animator and comic artist Kiernan Sjursen-Lien about developing original animated films, and their Kickstarter campaign for Saxon, an animated miniseries following a teenage dropout and their cat as they solve the mysterious death of a local teen.

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“Stilton’s In Charge”

Watch our first-ever Screening Room selection, a short film by Jonni Phillips and Victoria Vincent, made with sharpies, construction paper, and a 10-year-old webcam. Then, read an interview with the makers.

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